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Imbeciles of the century - the Viber developers

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I tried to install Viber on Arch Linux in order to see if it got any better than it was 5-6 years ago. Mmm, no, it got A LOT worse than before!

There was only one package available - from AUR. But the program didn't wanna run because it was trying to compile an xkb config file which is plain text and isn't meant to be compiled AT ALL!

Then I downloaded • a Crapindows 10 exe setup which returned a ton of errors and refused even to install. • a deb package • an rpm package

None of these worked. I unpacked the deb and the rpm packages manually and ran ./Viber but it kept crying about the same bullshit - that it can't compile xkb_symbols us-phonetic (WTF?!). The only installer that somewhat worked was the 32-bit installer for Crapindows 8. But ofcourse it had other problems: I was unable to move the sliders for sound volume and some moron had decided that they had to be at 100% volume. Which means that if someone decided to call me on Viber, it would have the sound volume of a New Year concert, so... no, thanks!

I checked the xkb config in question (/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us) and it turned out the damn file was just plain text and even the file manager detected it as a "document with unformatted text". On top of that its header reads "xkb_symbols "basic""! "BASIC"! NOT "US-PHONETIC"!!! So what the fuck are you trying to compile, cretens?!?!

I bet that these morons have never even seen linux in their lives or they have seen it only in a picture! No other chat program that exists for linux is trying to compile plain text files! NO OTHER! Only this garbage Viber!

Thus the Viber developers officially acquired the title "Imbeciles of the century"!