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FitGirl - the cracker who releases cracked games is utterly incompetent as you will see below. On top of that she doesn't like the truth and deletes posts or hides them. A few years ago I found one of her releases and started installing it. It took about 40 minutes to install - for just 6GB. Then another and another release - all of them were absolutely slow to install, so I started avoiding her repacks. Yesterday I found an article about another cracker whose name I heard for the first time. From that article I found my way into reddit where I was finally able to ask FitGirl why her repacks are so slow to install. She accused me of being a "theorist". I even made 3 screenshots for her and combined them into one, so that she can see for herself what I was talking about: her ETS2 1.40 repack (as well as all other of her releases) was at least 10 times slower than any other repack. But apparently truth hurts and today, when I opened reddit aggain, my post with the screenshot was gone.
EN: I made my own version of the Default skin for Audacious. IDK whether Audacious has a Windows version and even if it has, I can't guarantee the skin will work in Windows. There's still some more work to do on the skin but it's nearly completed. If you like it and wanna use it (latest version is v2), you can find it at the following address: Winacious skin named "Brighter" - link on Google Drive. RU: Я сделал свою собственную версию скина по умолчанию для Audacious. IDK, есть ли у Audacious версия для Windows, и даже если она есть, я не могу гарантировать, что скин будет работать в Windows. Еще предстоит проделать кое-какую работу над кожей, но она почти завершена. Если вам это нравится и вы хотите использовать его (последняя версия-v2), вы