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FitGirl - the cracker who releases cracked games is utterly incompetent as you will see below. On top of that she doesn't like the truth and deletes posts or hides them. A few years ago I found one of her releases and started installing it. It took about 40 minutes to install - for just 6GB. Then another and another release - all of them were absolutely slow to install, so I started avoiding her repacks. Yesterday I found an article about another cracker whose name I heard for the first time. From that article I found my way into reddit where I was finally able to ask FitGirl why her repacks are so slow to install. She accused me of being a "theorist". I even made 3 screenshots for her and combined them into one, so that she can see for herself what I was talking about: her ETS2 1.40 repack (as well as all other of her releases) was at least 10 times slower than any other repack. But apparently truth hurts and today, when I opened reddit aggain, my post with the screenshot was gone.