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World of Tanks, or as I like to call it - World of Retards, main features: • Braindead imbeciles with the IQ of a single cell organism. I could say "with the IQ of a vegetable" but that would be an insult to all vegetables. 99% of the time the game's matchmaking system puts you in a team of the aforementioned imbeciles. I recommend those imbeciles to go play barbie or tetris, since both don't require the presence of brain. • Cheaters. FartGaming (or WarGaming, if you will) till present day keeps claiming there are no cheats for this game, when in fact they're the ones developing the most used cheat mod for WOR. It's called OGRE and its website is The last time I checked it, the price was $100 for a lifetime use or $10/month. It includes an aimbot which can shoot a mosquito's eye from 500 meters when the said mosquito flies at its top speed. Therefore it doesn't matter how thick armor you have, the enemy will always penetrate it and deal damage. I also said that