My personal blog where Mark Suckerberg has no power

Some of the most famous most hated people in history were Hitler and the Russian king Ivan The Terrible. But nowadays another psychopath enters history as the most hated person on the planet. No, it's not Donald Chump, though he did some outrageous things, especially after he lost the elections. It's not Put(it)in either. The most hated person on the planet is the CEO of Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg, mostly known as Suckerberg, Fuckerberg or Faggotberg. Since he became a religious sheep in 2019, he became a digital dictator nobody loves. At least from all the people with brains nobody loves him. First he waged an open war on atheism on Fascistbook and started by banning all atheist posts, exposing religion for the hoax that it is. Then he started banning atheists for simply having an opinion. That was followed by targeted deletion of all atheist groups and pages. "Atheist Planet" and "Atheist Society" were deleted without any infrictions. A third group was deemed to be a "dangerous