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"• I am your god, you should not have any other gods but me. • Don't idolize what is in the sky, down on the Earth, in the water or under the ground." If you ask any religiturd "Where is your god?", they'll say "He's everywhere". Which means their god is in the water, under the ground, down on the Earth and in the sky. Which means only one thing: the Greatly Overrated Douchebag (meaning G.O.D.) tells you not to worship any of the things he mentioned in the first commandment. But he's also the one who lives in the sky and is present in everything else, so he's basically telling you not to worship him either. Therefore, god is an atheist and he himself doesn't believe in himself. • "Don't covet your neighbour's wife or anything that belongs to your neighbour". That commandment has some sense to a point but not all the way. However, this commandment also says not to covet the neighbour's wife but what it DOESN'T say is "don't covet your neighbour". Since it specifies the